Best Dispensaries in Connecticut and Nearby

Posted on July 6th, 2023 to Learn

Tracking down the best dispensaries in Connecticut can be a bit of a challenge. The state only recently legalized cannabis for recreational use, and there are still some areas of the small state that have not yet allowed dispensaries to open. Nevertheless, you can find some great places to shop for either recreational or medical cannabis in or near CT. Check out a few of the best dispensaries in Connecticut below.


Best Dispensary in Connecticut (Northeast)

exterior of green n go

Green N’ Go

Type: Recreational

While you don’t yet have access to a dispensary in the northeastern region of CT, Green N’ Go is just across the border in Massachusetts. We gladly serve residents from any state as long as they have a valid government-issued to prove they are 21 years of age or older.

One of the Most Carefully Curated Menus in the State

At Green N’ Go, we are committed to building one of the best menus in the state. Therefore, we source products from only the most-respected producers in MA. Our menu is brimming with:

Fast, Friendly Customer Service

We work hard to get you your green, so you can go. Therefore, not only do you get top-notch customer service at our dispensary, but you can also get in and out quickly if you’re in a rush. Many of our customers order ahead online for easy and quick pickup upon arrival.


Best Weed Dispensary in Connecticut (Southeast)


Type: Medical and recreational

Curaleaf is a well-established dispensary name throughout New England, including in CT. The Curaleaf in Groton is known to provide one of the largest collections of top-shelf cannabis in the state, and the location serves both medical and recreational customers. In addition to THC-based products, Curaleaf has an extensive collection of therapeutic CBD products as well.

Best Dispensaries in Connecticut (Central)

Prime Wellness of Connecticut

Type: Medical

While many CT dispensaries chose to step into recreational sales when the state went legal for recreational purposes, Prime Wellness of Connecticut remains a wholly medical dispensary. Prime Wellness is known to offer an impressive collection of cannabis and infused products, but to also provide excellent customer service and answer just about any question you may have.

Best Dispensary in CT (Southern)

RISE Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Type: Medical and recreational

RISE in Branford is one of the few dispensaries serving both medical and recreational customers in the south-central area of CT. RISE has patient care specialists on-site to guide medical customers to the right products and experiences. However, the location also has what is said to be one of the best collections of both medical and recreational cannabis anywhere in the state.

Best Dispensary in Connecticut (Northwest)

Still River Wellness

Type: Medical and recreational

One of the oldest dispensaries in CT, Still River Wellness in Torrington, CT has been in operation for over a decade. While Still River started out as a medical dispensary only, they have now begun serving adult-use customers as well. The dispensary prides itself on educating people about cannabis for wellness and even offers complimentary consultations if customers are not certain about what products they need.

Best Dispensary in Connecticut (Southwest)

Bluepoint Wellness

Type: Medical

If you want the best medical dispensary in CT, Bluepoint Wellness in Westport is a well-known establishment in the state. Initially brought to life by a pharmacist, Blue Point focuses on improving patient quality of life through cannabis as medicine. The team at this dispensary is highly regarded for working hard to help patients find exactly the products they need for their ailments. The dispensary stocks everything from flower and pre-rolls to infused topicals and edibles. Additionally, Bluepoint offers delivery to surrounding areas within a 10-mile radius.

Heading to MA? Stop in for a Visit at Green N’ Go

If you’re tucked away in northeastern CT with no place to shop for recreational cannabis, it may be closer for you to drive to MA to find what you want. Green N’ Go’s recreational dispensary is located in Uxbridge, MA, which is less than 20 miles from the CT state border. Our dispensary menu is filled with top-shelf flower and cannabis products, and we’re always happy to serve our Connecticut neighbors. Be sure to check out our menu before making the trip to browse our massive selection.