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Betty's Eddies

Betty’s Eddies is a company committed to providing customers with the highest-quality edibles on the market today. If you’re searching for Bettys Eddies near me, it’s likely that you’re on the hunt for the brand’s popular cannabis-infused gummites and ice creams. 

Betty’s Eddies got started when the founders realized there was something missing in the cannabis market–delicious, elevating edibles that were both delicious and effective. Betty’s Eddies are a great fit for a number of cannabis needs, including relaxation, pain relief, and sleep. All of Betty’s products are crafted with all-natural ingredients, making it easy for customers to rest assured that they’re getting everything they need from their cannabis products–and nothing they don’t.

Delicious flavors and they work very well! I have to try more of the wonderful flavors that are available.

Karen O'Shaughnessy via Facebook

They taste delicious and work very consistently.

Susan Foster Bagtaz via Facebook

So delicious and definitely inspires a sense of chill. I just love the Smashin' Passion.

Jennifer Redd via Facebook

Betty's Eddies:

Product Line

Betty’s Eddies is known for their two product offerings:

  • Fruit chews: Betty’s Eddies fruit chews offer a ton of different options for getting the THC, CBD, and CBC that you want, all while enjoying a delicious flavor created from all-natural fruits and veggies. These fruit chews are vegan and easily fit into any nutritional lifestyle. Popular varieties include Ache Away Eddies, Elderbetty for Immunity, GO Betty Go, and Betty Good Times.
  • Ice cream: Betty’s has met customer demand for both dairy and non-dairy ice creams infused with cannabis. Not only is each variety delicious–it also comes packed with fast-acting, full-spectrum cannabis oil to deliver the high that you want and the flavor you crave. Flavors include Betty Brownie Vanilla, Cup O’ Coffee Chip, and Chocolate Sunny Days.

Betty’s Eddies FAQs

How much THC is in each fruit chew?

The amount of cannabis in each chew depends on state laws, so take a look at the package at your dispensary to determine what dosage is the right fit for you.

How many fruit chews should I have at once?

Start small–try just one at first. If you want a more intense effect, wait at least 90 minutes before enjoying another fruit chew.

Betty’s Eddies Review

Searching for a Bettys Eddies review to discover whether Betty’s products are the right fit for you? Edible enthusiasts love the variety of flavors in Betty’s Edibles fruit chews and ice creams. From the vegan and gluten-free options to the fantastic flavors, Betty’s Edibles has everything that customers need to enjoy a delicious edible cannabis experience.

Where to Buy Betty's Eddies in MA

Come See Us!

You can buy Betty’s Edibles at many dispensaries in Massachusetts, including Green N Go in Uxbridge.

Buy Betty’s Edibles at Green N Go

Budtenders at Green N Go will help you choose the right Betty’s Edibles products for your needs. Be sure to stop by Green N Go–and if you’re in a hurry, feel free to preorder online to make getting your cannabis a quick and simple process.