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Cookies is one of the widest-ranging, best-known, and most beloved cannabis brands in the nation. It was founded in California in 2010 when rapper-entrepreneur Berner teamed up with his friend and growth expert Jai to produce the iconic Girl Scout Cookies strain that started it all. In the decade and a half since, the Cookies weed brand has cemented its hold as a top cannabis producer, creating numerous unique strains and offering a huge selection of products for all sorts of cannabis consumers. In addition, Cookies has developed into a legitimate lifestyle brand, with apparel and other items popping up everywhere marijuana enthusiasts can be found.

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Product Line

There’s something for everyone among Cookies’ many wide-ranging cannabis items. Of course, it all starts with the brand’s unique strains of Cookies cannabis flower, which include Cherry Pie, Sherbet, Gelato, Runtz, and more. These are available in finely cured whole buds or in pre-rolls for larger sessions or on-the-go use. But Cookies also offers a variety of edibles in delicious flavors, as well as potent vape oils and concentrates. There’s even a seed bank for those with a “green thumb” looking to grow their own weed, while CBD and Delta 8 products provide options for those in areas without fully legal cannabis.

Cookies Review

Cookies has one of the best reputations among any cannabis producer, and it’s well-earned. With more than a decade of producing some of the weed world’s most unique and effective strains, there are few other companies making such an impact on the industry. This same inventiveness and care can be found in all of its dispensary products too. The company even offers dual-chamber vaporizers to allow users to switch between two varieties with the push of a button. Plus, these incredible products come in some of the industry’s best packaging with striking art and branding. Buyers are sure to go home happy thanks to this high-quality and diverse selection.

Where to Buy Cookies in MA

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Fortunately for lovers of great cannabis, it’s relatively easy to find Cookies weed in Massachusetts. Cookies products are available widely at dispensaries all across the Bay State.

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Don’t just go to any of Cookies Massachusetts locations. Head to Green N Go for some of the brand’s top products, available at a great value from our experienced and friendly budtenders. These knowledgeable professionals can help you find the perfect product for your needs or quickly help you grab a re-up of an old favorite. Conveniently located along Quaker Highway in Uxbridge, there’s no better choice in southern Massachusetts.