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Cresco Cannabis

Cresco Cannabis is a premium cannabis line dedicated to providing customers with top of the line cannabis experiences. The company is working to professionalize and normalize cannabis, and is proud to carefully work through the cannabis cultivation process.

The freshest most perfectly cultivated flower.

Barry Cohen via Facebook

I always go with Cresco, whether it be flower or concentrate. It is in my sincere opinion that there is no better RSO than the RSO that Cresco has to offer, at least in my state. I use it daily, and it gives me a quality of life I did not have before it.

Sherrick Brian via Facebook

The high hit heavy with just a couple hits even with my higher tolerances and lasted for a few hours at a time.

Lucas via Dab Connection


Product Specs

At Cresco Cannabis, the genetics of each strain are carefully considered, and the growth process is data-driven from the moment a seed is planted. Cresco creates a stress-free environment for plants, making it easier for each plant to create the perfect product.

Cresco Cannabis Product Line

Cresco Cannabis offers customers a number of different cannabis products, including:

  • Flower: Cresco Cannabis flowers are locally grown in Massachusetts-area farms, and are harvested at the perfect point to deliver customers the high-quality cannabis that meets their needs.
  • Liquid live resin: When you purchase resin from Cresco Cannabis, you’ll find that it’s never separated or reconstituted–you’re always getting pure flower resin.
  • Concentrates: The last thing you need when you’re searching for the right cannabis concentrate is artificial fillers and flavors. Cresco Cannabis concentrates provide customers with maximum strain flavor, without any of the fillers that can get in the way. Choose from live sauce, live sugar, or live budder.
  • Pre-rolls: The most convenient way for many people to enjoy cannabis, pre-rolls make it easy for you to enjoy high-quality strains when you’re on the go. Each Cresco Cannabis pre-roll is carefully ground. Whether you prefer shorties or full joints, pre-rolls let you get the cannabis you want without having to roll the joint yourself.

Cresco Cannabis FAQs

Where can you buy Cresco Cannabis?

Cresco Cannabis products are available at Green N’ Go and other weed dispensaries located throughout the state of Massachusetts.

What makes Cresco Cannabis different from other cannabis brands?

Growers and employees at Cresco are proud to provide customers with carefully curated flowers that are harvested at the perfect time. Cresco does not use additives or artificial flavorings, allowing customers to enjoy a pure cannabis experience.

What strains are available from Cresco Cannabis?

Strains vary depending on plant performance, so you’ll need to check with your local weed shop to learn what strains are currently available from Cresco.

Cresco Cannabis Review

Cresco review writers love the purity of Cresco Cannabis, and appreciate that it can be found in many different strains and forms. Popular strains include 814 Fireworks, Cornbread, Sky Stride, and Sour Dubb.

Where to Buy Cresco Cannabis in MA

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You can purchase Cresco Cannabis at many Massachusetts weed shops, including Green N’ Go.

Buy Cresco Cannabis at Green N’ Go

Stop in to your local Green N’ Go to stop searching for Cresco near me, as well as other brands that can meet your needs. Not sure what products are the right fit for you? Chat with your Green N’ Go budtender to get the guidance you need.