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Crispy Commission

Crispy Commission is a locally owned, leading producer of cannabis concentrates, creating potent, limited-edition products from premium flower. These finely crafted concentrates are pure blends designed to highlight and celebrate the unique characteristics of the cannabis strain that created it. Overall, the goal is to set a new standard for concentrates, helping cannabis lovers reach a whole new level.

Great product! Highly recommend

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Crispy Commission slaps. This run hit me with an in-the-face citrus taste and balanced, smooth high. Highly recommend.

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This was a 🔥🔥 batch. Terpy, gooey goodness. The consistency was much more badder than wax. Tasted delicious and did the job.

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Crispy Commission :

Product Line

Crispy Commission offers a truly jaw-dropping selection of single-strain concentrates covering both old favorites and innovative new strains and running the gamut from energizing sativas to relaxing indicas. No matter your preferred concentrate form, Crispy likely has it. Their single-strain offerings include budder, crumble, and sugar, along with live badder, live sauce, and live sugar, which preserves a richer and more diverse profile of terpenes. Each is carefully crafted to provide the best qualities of each source strain, making it a perfect choice for discerning cannabis lovers.

In addition, Crispy Commission offers its own brand of high-test vape cartridges that apply the same diligence and quality to these discreet, portable products. Exciting collaborations and new products are also on the horizon, meaning it’s worth keeping an eye on new offerings hitting the shelves in the weeks and months ahead.

Crispy Commission Review

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at the incredible praise that Crispy Commission products have earned from cannabis writers and everyday dabbers alike. A review in Talking Joints Memo called Crispy Commission’s wax formula “immaculately calibrated” and pointed out the pungent aroma, concluding, “One hit of this, however, and you will be extremely lit. Meanwhile, on Reddit, users praised the combination of high quality and low prices for typical Crispy Commission concentrates at their local dispensaries.

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Where to Buy Crispy Commission in Massachusetts

Dabbers and other concentrate enthusiasts throughout Massachusetts luckily won’t have to go far to grab their favorite Crispy Commission products. The company makes its concentrates and other items available at dozens of dispensaries across the Commonwealth, from the tip of Cape Cod to far western Massachusetts, as well as numerous big cities and small towns in between.

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