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Fernway is a vape cartridge company that offers three distinct lines created with pure cannabis oil and terpenes. The company offers both cartridges (standard vapes) and travelers (a smaller, single-use unit). Fernway vapes are quality tested both in-house and by outside labs to ensure that the company’s top-notch standards are met with every vape. Fernway products can be delivered straight to your Eastern Massachusetts home, or purchased at many licensed dispensaries across the state.


Product Line

Fernway offers several cannabis products, including Live Resin, a Flavor Line, and a Strain Collection.

  • The Live Resin line consists of vape cartridges that offer small-batch, high-grade oil, allowing users to experience fresh cannabis.
  • The Flavor Line utilizes natural plant extracts to create a flavorful experience that’s different from the flavor and scent offered by straight cannabis.
  • The Strain Collection uses terpenes from fresh cannabis flower, allowing customers to enjoy a true-to-strain profile while vaping.

Fernway has the right vape options for anyone looking for a great cannabis experience. At Green N Go, our budtenders will work with you to help you choose the right vape for you.

Fernway FAQs

How long should each hit of a Fernway vape be?

The company recommends that you start with a three second hit, and that you don’t pull too hard when you inhale, as this can cause the vape to clog. After taking your first hit, wait at least 15 minutes to feel the effect before you decide if you’d like another hit.

How many hits come in each Fernway vape?

In each .3 gram Traveler, you’ll be able to get about 90 three-second hits, while a .7g Traveler will offer about 210 hits. Half-gram cartridges offer 150 hits, while full-gram cartridges offer about 300 hits.

What are terpenes?

Fernway vapes are made only with cannabis oil and terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give cannabis its distinct scent.

Fernway Review

Fernway customers love that each vape is made of simple, pure ingredients, without fillers. Customers also love getting to choose the flavor that they want with the company’s Flavor Line, which utilizes terpenes from a variety of plants to create unique yet natural flavors to enhance the experience.

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