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Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry is a small-batch cannabis nursery operating in Massachusetts and Colorado. The company was founded by cannabis enthusiast Matthew Huron, who has over 25 years of growing and cultivating experience.

Good Chemistry is committed to breeding and growing only high-quality plants that deliver superior results to customers. Also, because each crop is small-batch, each plant gets the care and attention it needs to thrive.

Don’t sleep on the Durango. Some of the best tasting flower in the state, though it may not have astronomical THC levels

DudleyStokes via Reddit

I picked up some Mr Good Chem and it’s without a doubt my new favorite strain. YMMV but the effects for me have been uplifting and energizing, without any of the anxiety/raciness I can sometimes get from a sativa.

CleverNameHere13 via Reddit

The flower is top notch. No better strain out there than Mr Goodchem.

Matthew Morand via Facebook

Good Chemistry Nurseries:

Product Specs

Good Chemistry Nurseries Product Line

Good Chem offers 20 different strains that you can’t find anywhere else – literally. Because shipping or transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal, you can only find these strains in Massachusetts. However, similar varieties are also grown at the Colorado nursery. Good Chem focuses mostly on Indica varieties, but it also offers Sativa and hybrids.

For a full list of cannabis strains, you can check out our inventory here. Some of our most potent flowers include:

  • The Menage – An Indica strain with almost 33 percent THC potency.
  • GMO Z – Another Indica flower that contains 32.26 percent THC.
  • Larry Burns – A hybrid strain with almost 30 percent THC potency.
  • Dosi Face – A Sativa strain with 27 percent THC.
  • Banana M.A.C. – An Indica strain with 26.75 percent THC.

You can also buy Good Chem pre rolls if you’re looking for something convenient without sacrificing quality or flavor. The brand offers pre-rolls that include all of its unique strains.

Good Chemistry Review

It’s clear to see that Good Chemistry loves growing cannabis, as each batch is cared for as if it’s a part of the company. Overall, this brand focuses more on quality than quantity, and it shows with each new crop. While other growers are trying to maximize profits by cultivating massive fields of plants, Good Chem would rather grow fewer crops to ensure they maintain consistency and quality.

If you’re looking for some of the best Indica and Hybrid strains, you’ve come to the right place. While Good Chem’s Sativa strains aren’t bad, there’s just not as much variety.

Where to Buy Good Chem Cannabis in Massachusetts

As a small-batch producer, Good Chem doesn’t trust just any dispensary to sell its products. Again, the brand isn’t trying to make a quick buck – it’s obvious that Matthew and his team are committed to providing the best cannabis experience for themselves and their customers. So, you can’t find these flowers or pre-rolls at any dispensary you find. Instead, come to Green N Go.

Where to Buy Good Chemistry Nurseries in MA

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Green N Go is proud to partner with Good Chemistry as an authorized seller of their flowers and pre-rolls. We also offer a wide selection of other products from local producers, including edibles, vapes, and more. We’re your one-stop shop for all things cannabis related, and we’d love to show you what we’ve got today!