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Kanha Gummies

Searching for the perfect edibles to create the cannabis experience you crave? Kanha products are available in both Canada and the United States (in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Massachusetts). Whether you’re searching for gummies to help relax away aches and pains, help you get a good night’s sleep, or you’re looking for a recreational THC experience, you’ll find what you need in the Kanha line of cannabis products.

Kanha Gummies:

Product Line

Ready to explore all that Kanha has to offer? Let’s dig in.

You’ll find a variety of THC and CBD products to meet your cannabis needs, including:

  • Classic gummies: These Kanha favorites have 100mg of THC per piece, and come in flavors including strawberry, pink lemonade, and mango.
  • Harmony restore gummies: Struggling with stress, chronic pain, or anxiety? These gummies can help. With 200mg of CBG and 100mg of THC, you’ll find that your mental and physical health are restored more quickly than normal with these NANO-enhanced gummies, designed to get into your system in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Fast-acting nano: Available in passion fruit paradise, cran-pomegranate punch, and sublime key lime, these sweet gummies are created with indicia terpenes and are intended to create a calm, relaxing experience.
  • Belt gummies: Available in sour cherry limeade and sour strawberry lemonade, these perfectly tart cannabis infused belts offer a sativa experience for high-dose customers.

Kanha FAQs

Are Kanha products vegan?

Certain products–like Kanha’s nano vegan gummies–are vegan. Check out the product label of each gummy for detailed ingredient information.

What does the name Kanha mean?

The founders of the Kanha brand went on a worldwide trip, exploring Asia, West Africa, India, and the Amazon to learn more about themselves and the collective experiences of human beings. During their travels, they learned about how plant-based medicines have positively affected people around the world. During their trip through India, the founders learned about the Indian deity Krishna, also known as Kanha. The being’s principles of compassion and protection appealed to the founders and thus, the company was born.

Kanha Review

Customers love Kanha’s perfectly sweet and tart gummies. The variety of experience options–from recreational gummies to products that help customers drift off to sleep–mean that Kanha makes it possible to customize a cannabis experience to fit each customer’s needs.

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