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Nature's Heritage Cannabis

Nature’s Heritage is a cannabis grower and cultivator that breeds its own strains and produces its own product line, including buds, vapes, and concentrates. The brand is based in New England, with shops in Massachusetts and Maryland.

Every product has been top shelf compared to the others I get from the dispensary. Keep up the great work!

Jason Anderson via Facebook

I recommend Natures Heritage because of their great strains. They are always picked at peak times for the best sticky icky bud around.

Dennis Fulgium via Facebook

The quality is amazing. The price is fair. I have yet to be disappointed by this brand. Sour bobby and Ora Blanca are my favorites

Inkslinger Darrell via Facebook

Nature's Heritage:

Product Specs

Nature’s Heritage sells five unique products – flowers, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, concentrates, and RSO. Here’s a quick overview of each option.

Nature’s Heritage Flower

As a grower, Nature’s Heritage breeds its own strains, so you won’t be able to find these anywhere else. The brand focuses mostly on Indica-dominant varieties, but you can also find Sativa and hybrid flowers. For a complete list of all the flowers the company offers, click here.

Nature’s Heritage Vapes

All of your favorite strains are also available as vape cartridges for your convenience. Nature’s Heritage uses only natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or fillers clogging your lungs while you’re just trying to get high.

Nature’s Heritage Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls offer a new level of convenience, particularly if you’re not adept at rolling your own joints yet. You can buy standard rolls, or you can upgrade to an infused joint that includes both regular ground buds and bubble hash for a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Nature’s Heritage Concentrates

As the saying goes, “a little dab will do ya,” and Nature’s Heritage delivers on that promise. You can select from a wide selection of concentrates, including live resin (and rosin), kief, bubble hash, and batter. No matter how you choose to indulge in cannabis concentrates, this brand can help you get high the easy way.

Nature’s Heritage RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

RSO is typically used for medicinal purposes, but you can dose yourself however you see fit. You can buy both pills and a syringe to infuse this oil into other products for a cannabis-flavored treat. The potency and intensity of RSO is a bit higher than you might be used to, so plan accordingly.

Nature’s Heritage Review

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and love smoking and dabbing it, you will appreciate the attention to detail found in these products. Nature’s Heritage makes its passion for cannabis culture apparent in everything from the dankness of the buds to the smoothness of their concentrates. You’ll appreciate how they turn one plant into so many different products for your convenience. Plus, as a local Massachusetts grower, you’ll love that it’s so easy to get.

Where to Buy Nature’s Heritage Products

Nature’s Heritage is a wholesale producer of high-end cannabis strains, so these products are sold across Maryland and Massachusetts in both regular and medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Where to Buy Nature's Heritage Cannabis in MA

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