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Ocean Breeze Cultivators

A family-run cannabis company, Ocean Breeze is located in Gloucester, Massachusetts and is proud to provide customers with top-notch cannabis, including classic, heirloom, and landrace strains.

Ocean Breeze Cultivators:

Product Specs

The family founders at Ocean Breeze pulled their inspiration from the hard-working people of Gloucester. The town is the second largest fishing port in the country and is known for its grit and dedication to getting the job done right. The staff at Ocean Breeze is dedicated to creating a cannabis experience unlike any other, prioritizing quality and a layered experience.

Ocean Breeze Product Line

Ocean Breeze cannabis is proud to offer a number of different cannabis products to customers. Whether you’re looking to create your own cannabis experience or you want a simple concentrate, Ocean Breeze cultivators have created the products you need to get the effect you want.

Ocean Breeze products include:

  • Flower: The company works to produce heirloom and landrace strains that maintain the integrity of the plant, providing customers with a top of the line experience.
  • Pre-rolls: Convenient and simple, Ocean Breeze cannabis pre-rolls are carefully filled with high-quality flowers, making it easy to take your cannabis with you when you’re on the go.
  • Concentrates: Whether you’re looking for oil for your vaporizer or a dabbing extract, the concentrates at Ocean Breeze are a perfect way for you to enjoy a quality cannabis experience. You’ll find both distilled and isolated cannabinoids within the Ocean Breeze cannabis concentrate line.
  • Edibles: Prefer your cannabis in the form of a sweet treat? You’re not alone–Ocean Breeze offers gummites, lozenges, and chocolate infused with cannabis.

Ocean Breeze FAQs

What is the most popular Ocean Breeze strain?

Many customers love Dawn Patrol, a strain that’s intended to leave you clear-headed and ready to take on whatever the day brings.

How does Ocean Breeze cannabis ensure quality?

Ocean Breeze uses a third-party nutrient monitoring process to ensure quality standards are met or exceeded.

Ocean Breeze Review

Customers love Ocean Breeze cannabis products for the dependable quality they can expect each time they enjoy an edible, concentrate, or other Ocean Breeze product. Massachusetts residents also love that Ocean Breeze cannabis is grown and developed locally.

Where to Buy Ocean Breeze Cannabis Products in MA

Come See Us!

Ready to check out all that Ocean Breeze has to offer? Good news: it’s easy to find Ocean Breeze cannabis products in Massachusetts. Ocean Breeze cannabis products are also readily available in Rhode Island dispensaries.

Buy Ocean Breeze at Green N Go

Ready to give Ocean Breeze cannabis a try? If you’re searching for Ocean Breeze near me, you’ll want to be sure to stop in at Green N Go in Uxbridge. Take your time browsing the shop and chat with helpful budtenders to figure out which product from Ocean Breeze cultivators is the right fit for your cannabis needs.