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Packwoods is a Los Angeles-based cannabis company that has gained recognition for its premium products since it was founded in 2017. The brand’s emphasis is on purity and quality, which it achieves through blending potent strains with two grams of indoor flower to create Packwoods’ classic blunts, busting erroneous claims that its products aren’t made with real weed. The company is also earning a reputation for high concentration THC and Delta 8 products, part of its effort to continue innovating in the fast-growing, always-changing cannabis industry.

It’s a great pre roll, especially the el chapo indica. I suffer from horrible insomnia, 5-6 hits I’m out for the clock.

ENGW1SHH via Reddit

It’s gas. Really liked the purple zaza. The orange eruption feels like a different cut than G4’s- really nice Sativa.

LE_GAR_BEAR via Reddit

Orange eruption and wedding mints are what I got, loved them both.

Consistent-Hearing56 via Reddit

Packwoods Product Line:

The Packwoods cannabis line includes:

Packwoods Premium Cannabis Prerolls:

    • Packs Blunt: The quintessential Packs experience in a luxurious, hand-rolled masterpiece.
    • Packarillos: Compact luxury in a three-pack of ultra-premium, hand-rolled cigarillos.
    • Packs Heavies: The ultimate smoking experience for aficionados and the largest joint in the product line.
    • Glass Cone Joints: A cone-shaped joint with the brand’s patented silicone freshness plug.
    • Packs Mini Bursts: Bursting with flavor, a five-pack of mini joints with a naturally derived fruit terpene ball.

Packs Flower: The foundation of Packs in a curated, top-shelf, indoor flower.

Packwoods Cannabis Vape:

    • The Packs Classic Collection: A tribute to the timeless favorites selected for their rich history and distinct characteristics.
    • Packs Disposable: Convenience meets potency in this state-of-the-art vape, filled with high potency Live Resin or distillate.
    • Packs Mini (Disposable): Compact, powerful, a 1g disposable vape

Packwoods FAQs

What is different about Packwoods cannabis products?

Packwoods weed comes with a few added layers of potency, the result of the addition of a strain-specific extract and matching kief on the exterior of its pre-rolls. Packwoods is also known for its glass tip “Glass Cone Joints” and freshness plugs placed on the mouthpiece when not using. The pre-rolls are hand-rolled and ready to enjoy when purchased.

Packwoods Cannabis Product Reviews

Packwoods enthusiasts find a number of things to praise about the brand’s products, including its unique approach to pre-rolls and vapes. The company receives strong reviews for its blunt, with both flavor and potency emphasized and some reviews referencing a “classic experience” provided by the products. This brand is particularly favored by lovers of pre-rolls, specifically citing their fondness for the glass tip “Glass Cone Joints.” The high reviews for potency also refer to the brand’s line of infused pre-rolls that include distillate for more kick.

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Where to Buy Packwoods Cannabis Products Near Me in Massachusetts

Packwoods cannabis products are sold in a dozen states, including Massachusetts. You can buy Packwoods products in Massachusetts at Green N Go, a cannabis dispensary in Uxbridge, MA, that features high-quality cannabis products and brands.

Buy Packwoods Cannabis Products at Green N Go

Green N Go offers products from Packwoods and other cannabis companies as part of its effort to source the highest quality cannabis flower, edibles, extracts, concentrates, tinctures and CBD products for customers across Massachusetts seeking a reliable and affordable dispensary. Green N Go emphasizes natural choices, promising great prices and quality in the state.