Building an Unforgettable Cannabis Gift Basket in Massachusetts


Posted on December 8th, 2023 to Learn

When you’ve got a full-on cannabis enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, making them happy is oh-so-easy. They may be happy with something as simple as an eighth or two of their favorite strains. However, if you really want to please a stoner, building them a cannabis gift basket is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out a few items to include in the collection for a truly unforgettable gift-giving occasion.

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Must-Haves for the Best Stoner Gift Basket

1. An Eighth or Two of Their Favorite Strain

You can’t go wrong with an eighth or two of some of the best weed strains in the state. After all, Mass is home to some of the best cultivators on the East Coast like Berkshire Roots, Garden Remedies, and Simply Herb. If you do go with raw flower, don’t forget to include a pack of rolling papers so the recipient has everything they need.

2. A Few of the Best Pre-Rolls in MA

Check out some of the best pre-rolls in Massachusetts and pick out a few you believe the recipient will appreciate most. While you could always gift flower, pre-rolls are ready to toke and convenient, and they look nice tucked into a stoner gift basket. For example, a super-potent infused pre-roll from GOAT or a classic pre-roll from Ocean Breeze are good picks.

3. Joy Bombs from Root and Bloom

Joy Bombs from Root and Bloom are considered some of the best edibles in Massachusetts. These candy-coated, fruity chews are bursting with flavor, but even better, they contain a lower-milligram dose of THC per piece, so the user can stack their dose or keep it reserved just how they want.

Root and Bloom Joy Bombs

4. Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis or hemp-based topicals are rapidly becoming a go-to for targeted pain relief. And if you’re shopping in Massachusetts, there are so many good products to pick from, such as a tub of full-spectrum Hemp Salve from Erva CBD.

5. Last Prisoner Project Donation

If you happen to be shopping for a cannabis lover who is all about making a difference, consider donating to the Last Prisoner Project in their name or picking up something from the organization’s shop. All proceeds go toward helping people who have been imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes reclaim their lives.

6. A Nice Rolling Tray

A nice rolling tray is one of those must-haves that every stoner should have in their repertoire, and there are so many different kinds, you can never have too many. From novelty trays with characters and images to upscale trays made of bamboo and clay, you can go in many directions. Plus, the rolling tray can be used in place of a basket with a little decorative plastic and ribbon to hold everything in place.

7. Cannabis or Dispensary Merch or Gift Cards

Does your gift recipient have a favorite dispensary to shop for the best weed in Massachusetts? If so, pick up some branded merch, such as a t-shirt, hoodie, or even a grinder or lighter outfitted with the brand name. Likewise, a gift card to their favorite place can be a good inclusion.

8. Ocean Breeze Chocolate Bar

Ocean Breeze has some of the most delicious cannabis chocolate bars in Massachusetts in flavors like Mocha Coffee Milk and Peanut Butter Cheesecake. Tuck one of these into your stoner gift basket and the recipient will be left with a smile.

Ocean Breeze Chocolate Bar

9. Swivel THC Sodas

Swivel has some of the best THC-infused drinks in the state, and they come in familiar flavor favorites like Orange Soda and Root Beer. These 12-ounce cans are the perfect size to tuck right into a gift bag or basket for your favorite stoner.

10. Munchies

After enjoying your gift, the recipient may just be looking for something to snack on to feed the munchies. So, no good cannabis gift basket is truly complete without a few good snacks and goodies to round out the occasion. Include a few bags of chips or pretzels, some of their favorite candy, or even a gift card to a local restaurant.

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