Drive Through Cannabis Dispensary in Massachusetts

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Posted on April 23rd, 2023 to Learn

Drive Through Dispensary in Massachusetts

It is no secret that Green N’ Go offers one of the fastest pickup services around Massachusetts. During business hours (between 10 am and 8 pm seven days a week), we can usually have your pickup ready in as little as 5 to 15 minutes when you place an order online! As we said, we strive to offer fast, convenient cannabis to every customer.

You can simply place your order, drive to our dispensary, and come inside to pick up your order in just a few minutes. However, we’re on a mission to make it possible for recreational customers to get even easier access to their online orders with a drive through dispensary for every customer. Find out the details about our drive through dispensary, the regulations involved, and more below.

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How Regulations Affect Our Drive Through Dispensary

If you’ve spent some time searching for a “drive through dispensary near me” in MA, you may have stumbled upon a few confusing regulations. You will find several shops that position themselves as a drive through dispensary, but the regulations in Massachusetts actually only allow retailers to dispense cannabis products at a drive-thru window if they are MA medical cardholders.

Dispensaries, including Green N’ Go, have been trying to push for drive through recreational dispensaries since 2019. Under COVID-19 provisions, dispensaries became allowed to offer drive-through pickup to medical customers to help with social distancing. Those provisions were extended by the Cannabis Control Commission until the end of 2023 earlier this year.

Green N’ Go continues to offer convenient drive-through services for medical cannabis patients for this reason. Allowing customers to pick up their orders instead of leaving their car makes it convenient for the patient, reduces in-store traffic, and is all-around beneficial for everyone involved. However, we are working hard behind the scenes to support the proposal of a new bill that would allow window pickup for all dispensary customers, not just those with valid medical marijuana cards.

We’re Prepared to Be the Best Drive Through Dispensary Massachusetts Offers

While we are not legally allowed to offer a drive through dispensary to our recreational customers just yet, we have high hopes that this will change in the near future. At Green N’ Go, the setup of our property at 454 Quaker Highway in Uxbridge works well for window pick-ups. And, our existing pickup window for medical cannabis customers will mean a seamless transition to serving all customers with the same convenience.

In the meantime, we will continue to serve recreational customers with the fastest possible pickup in town. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu and stay in touch to keep tabs on new developments for recreational drive-throughs in Massachusetts.

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