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Cannabis Flower For Sale

Cannabis flower is an overwhelmingly popular choice for MA consumers. There are many potential reasons for its popularity, with a long and distinguished reputation. At our dispensary in Uxbridge, we carry a delightful selection of strains carefully curated to suit every individual taste. We hope you’ll visit us when you’re ready to buy top-quality cannabis flower in MA. Browse our selection today!

Learn About Flower

When you’re ready to buy cannabis flower in MA, visit our Green N’ Go dispensary in Uxbridge. We invite you to browse our impressive collection of top-quality cannabis products today.

What Is Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis flower is the bloom of the cannabis plant. Aside from a curing period, it goes through very little processing from harvest to sale, reaching you flavorful and aromatic. All legal cannabis flower in MA is tested by a third-party lab before it reaches our shelves. This ensures it’s not only good quality but also free from harmful contaminants. When you buy cannabis flower, or any other cannabis item, from our dispensary in Uxbridge, feel confident you’re getting a safe, highly aromatic product.

How Is Cannabis Flower Used?

Cannabis flower is very versatile. It can be…

  • Rolled in a joint or blunt
  • Used to make edibles
  • Used to make concentrates
  • Vaped

Each method has advantages, but in general, flower is the most popular way to experience cannabis because it is fast-acting, can be be smoked, vaped, added to edibles, ingested, or used in concentrates. Not to mention it is the most natural way to consume THC.


To gain a clearer understanding of cannabis, it’s helpful to know the difference between CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Both cannabinoids occur naturally in cannabis plants but have different reactions within your body. THC is the psychoactive chemical responsible for making you feel “high.” CBD, on the other hand, is better known for it’s therapeutic characteristics. While more research needs to be done, CBD shows strong potential for reducing inflammation, pain, and even stress.

Types of Cannabis Strains


Indica strains typically have high levels of CBD and are often used to dampen pain and feelings of nausea. It’s also touted for its relaxation properties that may help you sleep better at night.


Sativa strain is typically lower in CBD and higher in THC. Many who enjoy sativa strain use it for its energizing applications. Sativa increases focus and creativity while decreasing anxiety.

Hybrid Varieties

Hybrid strains are combinations of sativa and indica strains that have been cross-bred. Most are classified as either indica-dominant, sativa-dominant.