The Best Dispensaries in Rhode Island & Nearby

Posted on May 26th, 2023 to Learn

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Rhode Island since 2022. Thankfully, the state was quick to approve a few retail licenses, so dispensaries could open and start serving adult customers in the state. Today, if you are shopping for adult-use cannabis, you have access to a handful of good places to shop. Take a look at the best dispensaries in Rhode Island by region, and some close to the border in MA.

Best Dispensary Near Rhode Island (Northern Region)

Exterior Shot of Green n Go

Green N’ Go in Uxbridge, MA

Type: Recreational

While Rhode Island does not yet have a dispensary in the northern region, Green N’ Go is in close enough proximity for most RI residents to make the drive. Located just a few miles from the northern Rhode Island/Massachusetts border, Green N’ Go in Uxbridge gladly serves recreational cannabis customers from both states. Green N’ Go offers an extensive selection of locally grown flower, including top strains like Girl Scout Cookies and D’Runtz.

We hand-pick every item on our menu due to its reliability and quality, which means our menu offers some of the most noteworthy brands and products in the state, like:

We pride ourselves on making cannabis affordable, which means we have daily and weekly specials for everything from flower to edibles. Additionally, we provide the fastest pickup times in the area (most online orders are ready to go in just 15 minutes or less). Further, Green N’ Go is working hard behind the scenes to make drive-through pickup possible in the near future.

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Best Weed Dispensaries in Rhode Island (Providence Region)

Aura of Rhode Island in Central Falls, RI

Type: Recreational and Medical

Situated just north of Providence in Central Falls, Aura of Rhode Island is considered one of the best dispensaries in the state. While Aura does not yet offer home delivery, they do serve both adult-use customers and medical patients. The dispensary is known for being a great source of cannabis guidance and education in addition to offering one of the most extensive inventories of cannabis and cannabis products. A lot of customers travel to this dispensary from Providence simply due to the atmosphere and quality selection.

Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center in Providence, RI

Type: Recreational and Medical

The Thomas C. Slater dispensary in Providence (aka The Slater Center) is considered the go-to place for quality cannabis and cannabis products in the Providence, RI region. Serving both medical and recreational customers, The Slater Center focuses on providing a top-shelf selection for customers. Their extensive collection includes anything a customer could want, including pre-rolls, elite strains, edibles, and concentrates. Reviews of this dispensary say that the dispensary has one of the biggest selections anywhere and budtenders are always ready and willing to offer advice.

Best Dispensary in RI (Southern Region)

Sweetspot Dispensary in Exeter

Type: Recreational and Medical

As one of the few cannabis dispensaries in the southern part of RI, Sweetspot Dispensary in Exeter is a prized location among locals. Sweetspot has both a recreational and medical menu that boasts a large collection of edibles, concentrates, and premium flower. Further, the dispensary also offers a convenient delivery service for both medical and recreational customers. Customers say that this is one of the best dispensaries in Rhode Island due to the friendliness of the staff, the laid-back atmosphere, and the ability to get items delivered right to your door.

Best Weed Dispensary in Rhode Island (Portsmouth Region)

Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center

Type: Recreational and Medical

Greenleaf Compassion Center started out as one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries in Rhode Island. However, the recent legalization of adult-use cannabis allowed the well-established dispensary to open its doors to other adult customers. Greenleaf has made a name for itself by offering only top-quality cannabis products to customers provided by the most trusted cultivators and processors in the state. However, the dispensary is also a popular destination due to its daily deals and discounts and comfortable atmosphere.

Find Your Way to a Top Dispensary Near Rhode Island

While recreational cannabis may just be getting up and running in RI, Massachusetts has been serving adult customers for a few years. If you don’t find what you are looking for in Rhode Island or do not have the best dispensary in RI nearby, we welcome you to Green N’ Go just across the border. Take a few minutes to check out our premium selection online and order ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.

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