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Tired of mid-grade cannabis? So are we. That’s why we set set out to source the highest quality products in the state and offer them to our customers at the best pricing.

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Functional, friendly & swift. With an emphasis on speed, our dispensary makes it easy for you to get in, out, and back to your day! Order ahead of time and we’ll have your cannabis products ready for you when you arrive. We provide the quickest cannabis pickup service in Massachusetts. Get your Green, N Go!

We’re proud to offer some of Massachusetts’ best cannabis from dozens of top brands and producers.

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Green N Go Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

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Did you know over 50% of cannabis products sold in MA are flower? Well, we’re listening. Visit us for an extensive selection of MA’s best cannabis flower. Whether you’re looking for indicas, sativas, high-THC strains, or high-CBD strains, we have you covered.

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