100 mg Edibles for Sale for $15 in Uxbridge MA

100 mg Edibles for Sale for $15 in Uxbridge MA

Posted on January 29th, 2024 to Deals

There’s no question about it, you can find some of the best edible deals in Massachusetts, especially if you know where to shop. Matter of fact, if you’re looking for cannabis edible deals in Uxbridge, Green N’ Go has one of the best deals in the state, including 100mg for $15 edibles. Take a look at everything you will need to know about this deal and our other great savings opportunities below.

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Check Out The Edible Deals in Uxbridge at Green N’ Go

Green N’ Go just happens to be known as the cheapest dispensary in Massachusetts. We’re always planning and plotting to give our customers a steal of a deal on the best cannabis products in the state, especially when it comes to edibles.

The best deal around right now will get you 100mg of cannabis edibles for just $15. Not to mention, we carry some of the most sought-after edibles brands in the state, such as Choice Chews, Kanha, Ocean Breeze, and Bits.

A few edibles picks you will see around the $15 price point include:

  • Berries and Cream Chocolate Dive Bar 100mg from Ocean Breeze – Sweet, smooth, and delicious chocolate with bits of berries
  • Strawberry Lemonade 100mg Gummies from Choice Chews – Sweet and sour gummiest with a potent punch of THC
  • Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Bar 100mg from Ocean Breeze – Ooey, gooey, and delicious chocolate with caramel and just a pinch of sea salt
  • Strawnana Smoothie 100mg Gummies from Choice Chews – A sweet smoothie-flavored gummy with easygoing effects
  • Milk Chocolate 100mg Chocolate Bar from Ocean Breeze – A classic chocolate bar infused with THC for an elevated experience

Not only do we have good prices on gummies and chocolate, but we also offer one of the most robust collections of edibles in the area. Our Uxbridge menu contains everything from cannabis-infused beverages and THC-infused syrup to infused ketchup and baked goods.

Ocean Breeze Milk Chocolate 100mg Chocolate Bar Product Image

How to Get the Best THC Gummy Discounts and Edibles Savings

Tracking down the finest deals on edibles in Massachusetts requires savvy shopping tactics. Start by visiting dispensaries known for competitive pricing. Enroll in newsletters and loyalty programs for exclusive insights into upcoming promotions. At Green N’ Go, our complimentary VIP Program ensures you’re notified of prime savings opportunities before everyone else.

Shop for the Best Gummy Deals in Uxbridge MA at Green N’ Go

From $20 eighths to awesome prices on vape carts, we’ve got the best dispensary deals in Massachusetts at Green N’ Go. If you’re looking for some of the best cannabis edibles and gummies in the state at the lowest prices possible, be sure to take a look at our menu. And don’t forget, you can order ahead, so you can grab your green and go!

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