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Green N Go is a recreational cannabis dispensary located in Uxbridge, MA. Green N Go is located 23 min (13 mi) from Glocester via RI-98 N and MA-98 N. Proudly serving recreational cannabis dispensary customers from Glocester, RI and beyond. Get Directions.

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Why Visit Our Dispensary?

Whether you call it a pot shop, cannabis store or a weed dispensary, a marijuana dispensary is where everything begins for people new to weed. If you are or aren’t new to cannabis, if you live near Glocester, RI then you need to visit Green N Go. It is the best recreational dispensary in the region. Read on to find out why!

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Susannah G
Susannah G
Great selection of product, and great atmosphere!
Darrell Dunn
Darrell Dunn
Everyone I have meeting there is been very friendly and extremely nice Ariel works the counter and she is very very helpful so if you need anything definitely see her
Atul Patel
Atul Patel
Nice Place, Nice people, quality production selection.
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson
Green N' Go is a very nice facility with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Tammy Smith
Tammy Smith
They have amazing deals here. The employees are wonderful and I can't wait for them to open up the drive thru. Who would have thought that some day we would be doing this. Hands down the best place ever. Thank you guys for the support for me.
Brian Carney
Brian Carney
Interesting concept. These guys have a walk-in style dispensary right now and are trying to open the first drive-thru in the state. Their products seem to be the highest quality at the best value in the area.
Barry Desruisseaux
Barry Desruisseaux
Great products and such an amazing and knowledgeable staff. I love having super friendly people help me. I'll be back

Glocester's Top Choice Dispensary

Visiting from Glocester? Here's What You Should Know

You’ve probably been to a CBD store, but Green N Go is much more. A weed store carries actual cannabis products, which will change your life. Bring your ID (make sure you’re over 21 first, you!) get it checked at the door, and stroll in to find budtenders who are considerate, kind and professional. They want to help you find the best products for your cannabis needs. You can expect to find:

  • Flower and pre-roll joints
  • Extracts and concentrates
  • Beverages and edibles
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Accessories: pipes, dab rigs, rolling papers, lighters, and more! Plus, you can order ahead for pickup!

Is weed legal in Glocester, RI?

Yes! Rhode Island officially legalized adult-use recreational marijuana in May 2022. Those over 21 can possess up to an ounce of marijuana at a time. Unlike many other states, Rhode Island also permits smoking marijuana in public in any place where tobacco use is permitted. However, local governments and business owners are permitted to put their own restrictions on use in public or semi-public places. As always, it remains illegal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis.

Other Reasons to visit Green N Go from Glocester, RI

What to do after you’ve visited the Glocester, RI dispensary? Many people love to explore new areas when they get high for the first time (or any time!) Bring a friend and see the sights in Uxbridge, MA including nearby Blackstone Valley National Historic Park. The Park contains a 567 acre wildlife refuge, the 1000 acre Blackstone Canal Heritage State Park, 9 miles of the Blackstone River Greenway, the Southern New England Trunkline Trail, the West Hill Dam, and the Cormier Woods. To feel like you’re a part of cinematic history, check out Stanley Woolen Mill, where the films The Great Gatsby (1974) and Oliver’s Story (1978) were filmed. Many national and state registered historic sites are around, including Georgian-style architecture home Elmshade.

Getting to Green ‘N Go From Glocester, RI

Green N Go is about a thirty minute drive from Glocester, RI to Uxbridge, MA where Green N Go is located. Find driving directions here. Green N Go is located at 454 Quaker Highway, Uxbridge, MA 01569. Visit today!

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