The Cheapest Dispensary in Massachusetts

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Posted on July 7th, 2023 to Uncategorized

While the price of cannabis is becoming more stable and affordable in Massachusetts, you definitely don’t want to pay more than you have to for a good bud. The price you pay for your favorite strain of flower or the best edibles in MA can vary significantly from place to place.

So, where is the cheapest dispensary in Massachusetts, and how do you know what’s a fair price to pay for quality cannabis? We’ve got the details below to help you find good weed and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


First, a Look at the Average Costs of Cannabis in MA 2023

The costs of cannabis have been a little unstable since Massachusetts opened its first recreational dispensary in 2018. As of late, however, prices have dropped a bit due to higher availability and a more stabilized market. As of April 2023, an ounce of flower was being sold for an average of around $220 an ounce.

While $220 an ounce is average, you will pay higher prices in MA for cannabis at some dispensaries, especially for in-demand strains or in certain areas. A high-quality strain in some areas can still run as high as $330 or more per ounce, and even a mid-range quality flower can be roughly $280.

MA is actually a bit lucky when it comes to cannabis prices compared to other states. For example, if you’re buying cannabis in Connecticut, prices can be as much as 88 percent higher than in MA, according to Connecticut Inside Investor.

What About Average Prices for Other Cannabis Products?

Shopping for the lowest-priced edibles, concentrates, vapes, and other cannabis products in MA can be a little bit trickier. The prices of these products can range drastically already due to the quality of the ingredients, the type of product, and even the packaging. And, there are natural variances depending on where you shop.

Mass Cannabis Report provides a snapshot that can give you an idea of the average prices of certain products. For instance, a half gram of cannabis concentrates can range in price from $25 to $40 depending on the type (e.g. shatter, resin, crumble, etc.) and the dispensary. Cannabis edibles can be harder to gauge in terms of average price but may run from $20 to $35 for 50mg of THC.

How Do You Find the Cheapest Recreational Dispensary Massachusetts Has?

Thankfully, customers who are shopping for recreational cannabis have the liberty to shop around and find good prices. Perhaps, the ability to shop around is even easier in MA due to the fact that the state has more than 200 dispensaries. However, this can also make it time-consuming to track down the best prices. The best bet is to spend some time exploring online menus among nearby dispensaries to compare prices.

Green N’ Go Is Considered the Cheapest Dispensary in Massachusetts 2023

If you’re going to be in the southern area of MA, Green N’ Go is considered one of the cheapest recreational dispensaries in the area. At Green N’ Go, we take a lot of pride in collecting the highest quality cannabis in the state and then offering those prices to our customers at the best possible prices. From top-shelf flower in all the best strains to edibles, concentrates, and more, many of our prices are well below the state average.

For example, you can often get a quarter ounce of premium flower from a top brand for between $30 and $55, and we have a ton of eights for $25. In addition, our menu boasts specials every day on everything from top-shelf flower from top brands to edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, and more.

How Does Green N’ Go Keep Prices So Low?

Roughly half of all cannabis sold in MA is in flower form, which is why we choose to make providing the best flower our top priority. Because we purchase such a high volume of flower from our partner brands like Simply Herb, Critical Supply, and Just Flowr, we get good pricing and pass those savings on to customers.

Visit the Cheapest Dispensary in Massachusetts

When you want good cannabis at a price you can afford, you can count on Green N’ Go to come through. Be sure to take a look at our dispensary menu and sign up for our VIP program to get the inside scoop on upcoming deals.