Top 10 Best Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts 2023

Best Massachusetts Pre-Rolls

Posted on April 24th, 2023 to Learn

Want a convenient smoke to grab and go at Green N’ Go? Pre-rolls are no doubt the most convenient option, and you’ll have no problem finding awe-inspiring pre-rolls lining our dispensary menu. Check out some of the best pre-rolls in Massachusetts from the most sought-after brands in the state.

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The Best Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

1. GOAT Granddaddy Purple Infused Pre-Roll

  • THC: 44.7%
  • Type: Indica

Call it GDP, GDaddy Purp, or whatever you want, but this Grandaddy Purple Infused Pre-Roll from GOAT will solidify GDP as an all-star strain every time. This heavy-hitting pre-roll delivers a trademark dreamy buzz with utter couch-lock and lingering appreciation for skunk flower.

2. Ocean Breeze Lemon Jeffrey Pre-Roll

  • THC: 28.5%
  • Type: Sativa

A true beauty in terms of flavor and effects, Lemon Jeffrey Pre-Rolls from Ocean Breeze never disappoint. This Sativa-dominant flower is all dressed out with the flavor of sour candy with a citrus punch and leaves you with a tingling body and potent cerebral effects.

3. Nature’s Heritage Dosi Woah Pre-Roll

  • THC: 24%
  • Type: Hybrid

Looking for a balanced buzz that leaves you calm and happy? Be sure to pick up a pack of Dosi Woah Pre-rolls from Nature’s Heritage. All gassy and earth-laden with aromatics and flavor, this mid-potency strain never disappoints.

4. AMP Turbo Diesel Pre-Roll

  • THC: 26.3%
  • Type: Sativa

A cross between Sour Diesel and Sour Kush, the AMP Turbo Diesel Pre-roll is a supercharged blunt that leaves you energized and ready to get on with everything on your to-do list. Plus, the sour/sweet flavor skitters across the tongue with just a hint of spice.

5. Garden Remedies Governmint Oasis Pre-Roll

  • THC: 39.75%
  • Type: Hybrid

When you need a true oasis from whatever life’s handing you, the Governmint Oasis Pre-roll from Garden Remedies is your travel ticket. This beauty is a cross between Gush Mints and GMO and delivers a strong citrus mint flavor to complement the calmly energetic effects.

6. Green Gold Group Platinum Gorilla Glue Pre-Roll

  • THC: 27.92%
  • Type: Hybrid

If you’re craving a true glue-family cannabis experience, there is no greater specimen than the Platinum Gorilla Glue Pre-roll from Green Gold Group. With a heavy-handed relaxing effect, this pre-roll will have you ready for bed in no time.

7. The Botanist Mint Sherbet Pre-Roll

  • THC: 32.5%
  • Type: Indica

Pick up a Mint Sherbet Pre-roll from Botanist and enjoy the eclectic mix of sweet gas and cool spice. Not only does this popular pre-roll have all the flavor you could ask for, but it is also wildly popular for its uplifting euphoric effects.

8. Solar Cannabis Co. Gelato Pre-roll

  • THC: 23.95%
  • Type: Hybrid

A true classic in the world of weed strains, Gelato Pre-rolls from Solar Cannabis Co. are easily one of the best pre-rolls in Massachusetts. A cross between Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert, this strain is always big on flavor and delivers a mellow high anyone can appreciate.

9. Critical Supply Garlic Chip Pre-Roll

  • THC: 25%
  • Type: Sativa

The result of crossing Garlic and Rainbow Chip, the Garlic Chip Pre-roll is always a hit. This pre-roll is full of flavor, just potent enough, and never fails to leave you feeling creatively uplifted and focused.

10. M-80 Raspberry Skywalker Infused Pre-Roll

  • THC: 53%
  • Type: Hybrid

When it comes to infused pre-rolls, M-80 has some of the most potent in MA. The Raspberry Skywalker Infused Pre-roll rings in at over 50 percent, so it is definitely for the more experienced smoker, but without question deserves a spot on any list.

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