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Purchasing Recreational Marijuana from a Dispensary

Posted on September 29th, 2023 to Deals

Dispensary Deals Near Uxbridge MA

Everyone wants premium weed at great prices. Don’t worry about spending too much at our dispensary. If you want to ensure that you are always getting the best weed for the best price, check out our great discounts.

Been struggling to track down Massachusetts dispensary deals? Trust us, we understand—good cannabis doesn’t always come at a low price and when you love weed, you can easily spend a lot of money. To help you get the biggest bank for your cannabis bucks, we’ve pulled together a guide on how to find cheap weed deals in Massachusetts.


Purchasing Cannabis from a Dispensary

How to Find the Best Weed Deals in MA

1. Look for weed deals in MA on dispensary menus

Top dispensaries in Massachusetts have an online menu synced with what is available in-store. Therefore, you can easily get online and compare prices between different places if you know what you want to buy. Green N’ Go, we recommend that you add us to your phone’s home screen, so you can easily navigate to the menu and catch deals at any time.

2. Ask around

If you want the low-down on finding a cheap dispensary Massachusetts cannabis shoppers are usually more than happy to share their insights. So, be sure to ask around among fellow cannabis enthusiasts about who has the best deals and prices for products you like. Also, look at Google reviews for dispensaries you are considering visiting. Customers commonly openly share their experiences with costs compared to other dispensaries in a given area.

3. Check out social media

While not all dispensaries have special media profiles, many of them do. For example, you can follow Green N’ Go on Instagram. Social media is a good place to get a few details about new product launches and dispensary events, but you may also see mentions of products on sale or special savings events.

4. Get the dispensary’s newsletter

If the dispensary offers a newsletter, be sure to sign up. Because there can be advertising restrictions on public media when it comes to cannabis, many retailers save their promotions for a more private communication: email. Therefore, this can be a good way to get details about special opportunities to save money on weed.

5. Look for special deals around certain occasions

Whether 420 is around the corner, Thanksgiving’s coming up, or there’s a local festival or event, check out dispensary menus. All the best dispensaries in Massachusetts will offer good deals around special events and occasions. Therefore, this can be a good time to plan to stock up on your favorite brands and products.

Massachusetts Dispensary Deals to Expect to See at Green N’ Go

At Green N’ Go, we’re kind of famous locally for all of our awesome deals. No matter the day or time of year, you can always find great deals on our menu. A few deals you’ll see include:

We also occasionally run special house savings chances. For example, right now, if you leave us a Google review, you can get a staff-selected 1g pre-roll for $.01!

Looking for Uxbridge MA Dispensary Deals?

Wonder what dispensary has the best deals? We always have a special going, like:

  • Specials on premium flower strains and pre-rolls
  • Discounts on vape cartridges and disposables from top brands
  • Low prices on potent cannabis concentrates
  • Bundles and gift packages

How to Find the Best Dispensary Deals in Uxbridge MA

Find the best weed deals on our website’s homepage and check out our product menu’s monthly specials, such as:

  • Flower: Gelato 41 Flower | 7 grams for $40
  • Prerolls: Buy 6 or more $10 Prerolls for $10 each including tax!
  • Vapes: Mix/Match any Matu .5g disposable vape | 2 for $40; Mix and Match any STRANE 1 gram vape | 4 grams for $100
  • Edibles: Ocean Breeze 100mg Chocolate Bars | 2 for $25
  • Concentrates: Mix/Match any 1g Crispy Commission or Green Gold Group Concentrate | 3g for $90

Become a Green N’ Go VIP

Green N’ Go offers a VIP Program for those interested that delivers exclusive news about deals and discounts right to your phone via text message. You will also get an emailed newsletter with information from time to time. This is an awesome way to stay connected and get an early shot to nab some of the best weed deals before they’re gone. However, you can also collect a point for every dollar spent when you shop, which can be traded in for special deals:

  • 250 points = a $.01 item that is typically worth $10 to $15
  • 500 points = a $.01 item that is typically worth $25 to $35
  • 1000 points = a $.01 item that is typically worth $50+

Purchasing Recreational Cannabis from a Dispensary

Trust Green N’ Go for Cheap Weed in Massachusetts

At Green N’ Go, we set out on a mission from the start to bring people high-quality cannabis products and the best flower in the state. However, we did so with the underlying plan to provide these products at the best prices possible. Therefore, we consistently surprise customers with just how affordable we are compared to other dispensaries in the area. If you’re looking for cheap weed in Massachusetts that’s also high quality, be sure to explore our full menu where you can order ahead and grab your green and go.

Shop for Uxbridge MA Dispensary Deals at Green N Go

At Green N Go, we provide the best cannabis at great prices. That’s because the finest weed doesn’t have to empty your bank account. Check out our website to learn more about us and our mission. Browse our menu online at our dispensary.